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Max Armoured

Our latest version of Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) – the MAX, an 8 seater (driver and seven passengers with a payload capacity of 3000 kg) is a clear definition of our continuous innovation and product development. SVI’s MAX comprises a host of new features to provide extra security, comfort and convenience to clients looking at the APC market.

The MAX incorporates specially designed features starting from the hull which can withstand blast levels normally associated with much larger far more expensive vehicle (Ballistic protection – STANAG1 with optional upgrade, Blast protection – STANAG 4569 AEP 5 level 3A/3B). MAX is designed to be adaptable to many different roles depending on customer requirements, from purely a transporter of personnel, weapons platform (turret mounted), law enforcement, peacekeeping or even configured into a battlefield ambulance.

The vehicle has 5 doors, with the rear main door automatically operated from the driver’s seat to facilitate speed entry, fast recovery of wounded patients and speedy exit from hostile situations. MAX can also be adapted to a vehicle recovery role where an extra rear axle is built in resulting in the MAX becoming a 6×6 vehicle with a flat back equipped with recovery and towing adaptations.

MAX is powered by a trusty efficient, yet powerful and reliable Cummins 6.7 litre turbocharged diesel engine, driving through a specially built 6 speed Allison Automatic Gearbox sent to Axletech front and rear axles and good for 110km/h. Modern CAN bus electrical system provides a digital dashboard display to the driver, while being more reliable and efficient to maintain and upgrade when necessary.



SVI was formed in 2004 as an innovative mechanical engineering and rapid-product development firm with capabilities in product design, finite element analysis, development, product evaluation and manufacturing.


SVI put all its resources into the development of specialized, discreet armouring solutions for motor vehicles. These ranging from small LDV’s to luxury vehicles and SUV’s, trucks, military armoured personnel carriers and heavy duty armouring of locomotives.


We offer a full life cycle engineering design service from the initial concept to detail design, prototyping and manufacture implementation in the shortest period by controlling costs, reducing risk and speeding up the time to market.


Drive Line

Engine: Cummins ISB 6.7
Max Power: 285kw
MAX Torque: 970Nm
Gearbox: Allison 2500SP
Gearbox type: Automatic
Number of gears: 5
Transfer case: Axletech T600

Axles: Axletech 3000 series
Brakes: Drum brakes with ABS. Pneumatic
Suspension: Beam axles with leaf springs and hydraulic dampers
Wheels: Split rims with off road tires
Wheel size: 365/85R20


Length: 5854mm
Width: 2485mm (Excluding mirrors)
Height: 2485mm (Excluding turrets)
Wheelbase: 3698mm
Approach angle: 40,8
Departure angle: 36,6

Ground clearance: 380mm
Tare: 7500kg
GVM: 9500kg
Payload: 1200kg
Maximum grade: 70%
Max speed: 115km/h


The main structure of the MAX is a monoque hull manufactured as a single welded high strength steel component. All the mechanical fittings including driveline, bins, doors, interior and glass are bolted directly onto the main hull.

The hull has a V-shaped bottom for optimal landmine and blast protection. All components fitted to the hull has been designed with big overlaps for optimal ballistic and blast protection.

The bins of the vehicle house the fuel tank, air-condition, battery system and also provide additional space for storage. The vehicle has five large doors for easy access even with turrets fitted. Escape hatches is fitted on the roof and can also be used for fit pintle mountings. The roof is prepared for turrets and the design can be tailored to fit specific weapon systems upon customer request.


The glass on the MAX includes a curved windscreen to:

  • Reduce glare from interior lights
  • Reduce glare from vehicles behind

The Max has large glass areas which allows excellent visibility driver visibility to:

  • Improve operational awareness
  • Reduce accidents on road and during manoeuvring
  • Improve safety of public in the vicinity of the vehicle

All the glass on the MAX is manufactured by AGP glass. AGP Glass is the world leading in the manufacturing of bullet resistant glass and is certified to ISO TS 16949.

Electrical System

The MAX has a 24V electrical system with two separate battery packs. One for the vehicle and one for accessories.

The electrical system of the MAX comprises of a CAN bus system for communication between all driveline components (Engine, gearbox, ABS, PDM). Power is distributed by means of power distribution modules (PDM), controlled by the Murphy system. This approach eliminates analogue gauges and simplifies the interior to a single screen and the minimum switchgear.


The interior of the MAX has been designed with user comfort in mind. The seats in the rear can be configured for up to 8 personnel and folds up to allow for maximum useable interior space.

Mission and battle management systems can be incorporated into the vehicle due to the completely open design of the dashboard.

The interior of the vehicle is insulated and covered in a wear resistant rubber coating. The rubber coating is easy to clean, non-toxic and slip resistant.

Additional spall liners are available upon request.


The MAX has been prepared to fit various weapon systems

Remote Control Weapon Stations

Remote control weapon station can be integrated with the vehicle structure. The systems are tailored to customer requirements and can be integrated with sensors to allow automatic movement in the direction of enemy fire in the case of an attack.

Enclosed Turrets

Enclosed turrets that are either controlled manually or fully stabilised and can be fitted and customised to customer requirements.

Pintle Mounting

Basic pintle mountings can be fitted to MAX as a more basic solution. The pintle mounting can be fitted anywhere on the roof depending on customer requirements and can also be used in conjunction with other weapons systems if required.

Mortar Systems

Automated vehicle mounted mortar systems are available from 60 to 120mm.
The weapons, ammunition and control systems are mounted on specially prepared variants of the MAX to enable functioning as a complete system


Developed in multi-purpose considerations




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